We are an ecosystem builder

We define ecosystem strategy

We identify ecosystem stakeholders

We build & orchestrate ecosystem

We get things done

And we do all this with fun


We believe, when businesses or government shift their focus from their products or services to holistic customer needs, barriers break, an ecosystem economy emerges & a tremendous value is created for all stakeholders.

We partner with organizations & governments to succeed in the ecosystem economy by being an ecosystem orchestrator (from strategy to implementation & governance).

We offer

Alliance as a service to growth B2B tech companies, to scale their business development through Global System Integrators (GSI) & established tech partners

Coinnovation Innovation as a service to enterprise & governments, to solve their complex requirements and cater their customer needs through ecosystems



Instant scaling
Very less onboarding time as most of the stakeholders from the ecosystem are already identifield have an established Relationship.

Superior results through network effects
Entire network's industry connects / expertise works for the success of our customer rather then one individualindividual.

Risk less option
Outcome based engagement model with more than 50% of the payment on realization of the committed results.

No person dependency
Don’t have to worry about attrition / loss of contacts due to attrition

Overall cost effective
Cheaper than hiring a full-time ecosystem manager in NA / Europe. And no too much upfront payments.


We organize ourselves into a network with the following distinct roles:

  • Consulting team, owning the customer deliverables with full time responsibilities
  • Evangelize team, shall work for our customer success by enabling connects with partners & other stakeholders from their networks (senior executives with strong connects in the industry) &
  • Advisory team, shall work for growth of the network (experts from academia & CXOs from industry)

Our advisory team include:

Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls Royce, India & South Asia

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami, Professor & Ex chair, Public systems group, IIM Ahmedabad

MVS Subramanian, Partner, July Ventures (Serial entrepreneur)

Sean Ammirati, Professor & Startup lab head, Carnegie Mellon